Optik Teichmann
  Ihr Optiker in Vilseck

The Shop

Since October 2013, the optician Felix Teichmann has taken over the company Optik Baumann in Vilseck and continues this under Optik Teichmann.

The specialist store is located in Herrengasse 4 in Vilseck, diagonally opposite the market square.

There you will be expecting optician Felix Teichmann with a wide selection of up-to-date eyewear for women, men and children.

Through the in-house master workshop, it is possible for us to grind not only our glasses on the spot, but also small repairs usually immediately and without long waiting times.

Here is a small insight into our sales area. Click to enlarge the image.

Here, vision tests and lens adjustments are performed

In our in-house master workshop we produce the glasses for our customers

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